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Kinsfolk Wines is thrilled to continue to align our world with our dear friends from Foraged & Found Edibles.  


Fall brings upon us a sense of comfort and warmth with the chill of the morning air being lifted by the sunrise and the respite of early evenings.   As the leaves change and the thirsty tundra of the Pacific Northwest soaks up the rain and dawn condensation, the forest floor becomes festooned with fungi of all kinds.   Mushroom season has been bountiful this year and the spoils are evident in the over flowing baskets and farmers market bounty.


This season also opens us up to the poetry and refreshment of light/medium red wines and ciders.  The shop is full of new arrivals and we will choose a perfect complement to what Mother Nature and the instincts of our friends bring us later this month.




We've separately been thinking about these principles for decades and found each other on our beautiful island.  The spirit of wild food and natural wine share brethren, ideas, holistic motives and often the same tables around the world. 


We'd like to bring more of these delicious and inspired efforts to life on Bainbridge.


The rhythm of nature dictates some magical and intense efforts.  Our hand is the least important of any inputs we have in these foods and wines.  Just as our friends think about sustainability and health of the forest over profits, our growers in Europe and the States choose relevant sites and naturally limited yields to create terroir driven wines.  Human Instincts with mother nature's hard work is the magic behind all of these efforts.


Foraged & Found is one of the most respected and acclaimed foragers in the States.  The wild edibles are harvested solely in North America, keeping a main focus on the Pacific Northwest. Kinsfolk Wines brings many years of experience of importing organic/biodynamic wines as well as a kinship with many of the winemakers that you will find in the shop.


Supporting these boxes stretches much further than our shop, it will impact and influence the good and beautiful in both of our worlds.  


We look forward to inspiring you and making you feel that much more alive.


BOX #2- October 

$50/month  - pick up is October 26-27th (Saturday/Sunday) 

PICK UP LOCATION - Kinsfolk Wine, 10255 NE Valley Road, Rolling Bay, Bainbridge Island.

You will receive 1 bottle of wine  and 2 wild food offerings.  The wines & foods will be paired to complement each other.  All items will come with description & provenance.

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